"I thought that the cables did a pretty good job....... they are good, but not superb; but then again superb will set you back a few thousand bucks, perhaps as much as $15k."

Ernie Fisher, Editor, Inner Ear Magazine - in his review of the Genesis Reference Amplifier



The horn sections on songs like “Sir Duke” and “I Wish” are extremely dynamic and come off as bright and hard if a system is not connected or set up right, but installing the Absolute Fidelity cord took off the edginess without downplaying the detail and dynamics. Soundstage width and depth were excellent. The influence these cords were having on this analog rig was startling. Bravo Absolute Fidelity!

Read the complete review by Dave Thomas on The Stereo Times



At last, I have the time to seriously listen to the magical sound of your Absolute Fidelity Genesis interconnects. They are such outstanding cables, that the only comments I can make are: Wow and that they are second to none !!!!!! I have tried many, many cables (very well known/respected brands, some almost 4 times the price of the Genesis cables). Without any doubt I can say that these are the best cables have I ever had !!!!!!! Felicitaciones !!!

Erasto Freytes, Puerto Rico



Those new speaker cables are spectacular. They retain the tonal density and sweetness of the original but add better dynamics and far better control of the speakers. This translates to far more defined bass and much grander soundstage scale as though the recording venues had suddenly lost their walls. In the continuum of cables reviewers I consider myself a pragmatist. More expensive is not always better, .System matching matters far more than technology, buzz word or dollar signs. The effects although audible are more often than not subtle. That’s why I do fewer and fewer cable reviews.

That said, the Absolute Fidelity high sensitivity speaker cable simply had the most audible effect of any cable I ever tried, combining the speed and control of an ASI Liveline with the tonal lushness the brand is recognized for without dropping any resolution or transparency.

Read the complete review on "Odds & Ends" by Frederic Beudot on 6Moons.com



I must tell you that the improvement with the Loudspeaker Interface Cable is incredibly noticeable. I had a big improvement in detail and air between the various instruments, the most extensive range of high and natural, the same effect on the bass. On the midrange your cable gives a little more warmth. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Without the speaker cables it was as if there had been a "cap" on the performance of the system.

Antonio Milano, Italy



The reason for this letter is simply to congratulate you for the reference-level performance I've enjoyed as result of the inclusion of your Absolute Fidelity Interface Cables in my reference system.

When you introduced the cables to me during the audition of your Genesis 7.1f loudspeaker system, I was immediately taken by how open and natural the system became after we replaced some well known, very expensive cables that had been part of that particular system for some time.  In fact, the Absolute Fidelity cables were such an upgrade, I have now made them the featured cables in my reference Balanced Audio Technology REX system!

I hope people are not put off by how affordable your cables are, Gary, because they are among the three best designs I've ever heard, and the other two, are far more expensive!  What a concept: Ultimate performance/ Affordable price.  Quite an achievement!

Congratulations, Gary.

Sincerely, Geoffrey W. Poor Balanced Audio Technology



The Power Interface Cable is simply awesome!! It is simply the most balanced combination of characteristics I have heard in a power cord to date. It’s midrange transparency and overall dynamic expression are the best I have heard. And the integration of the instrument decay field and the harmonic overtones are fabulous. It really allows the artist to “communicate” with you artistically. From the moment I inserted the Power Interface, I simply sat mesmerized in front of the speakers and listened to the artist…… not the system!"

Ken Redmond, Consultant, Simply Sound



High-end Bargains Without Reservations
"Gary Koh's 'underground' interconnects and speaker wires stand shoulder to shoulder, or nearly so, with the most transcendent and truly expensive cables which constitute the top of contemporary audio cable performance."
Read Jim Merod's full review of the Absolute Fidelity Interfaces on Positive Feedback Online


Absolute Fidelity Loudspeaker Interfaces conferred Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Award by Jim Merod
"... astonishingly transparent and thoroughly honest sonically. They impose no footprint of any sort on music and its sonic complexity." Read the Choice Award



"...an across-the-board lift in clarity and transparency, better low-level information retrieval and dynamic expression, and most importantly, a lovely midrange richness and immediacy. Voices took on greater realism and body, and seemed more a part of a real person filling an acoustic space."
Read the complete testimonial - Steve McCormack, Designer, SMc Audio



“Thank you for designing the Absolute Fidelity Balanced Component Interface Cable. I have tested it in my analog to digital mastering line now for weeks against other serious cables, and I have to say your cable is fabulous. It has wonderful clarity, yet it is not clinical but very musical, almost delicate in nature, Well, like real music. It is now an essential part of every jazz mastering project I carry out. You have obviously done your homework (research and listening). Thank you for a superb product."
Jonathan Horwich, Mastering and Recording Engineer - International Phonograph Inc., Hyde Park Jazz



“One of the cables I purchased is called a 'Turntable Power Interface' cable and it's designed to integrate with a regenerating AC motor such as is found on some t/t's. It's beyond me to say why something works but this cable does work on any t/t I put it on and also on my Studer. More meat on the bones. bigger bolder sound. I also purchased 2 other power cords for the digital subwoofer amps in my Evolutions. Absolute Fidelity say these are designed specifically to integrate with subwoofer amps. These made a very significant improvement in the bass linearity over the Jena's. Understand that I had done lots of power cord comparing 4 years ago prior to selecting the Jena's.” Mike Lavigne



“The Absolute Fidelity Interface retains the sweet musicality and emotional connection I value so highly in my previous reference, but delivers better tonal neutrality, along with a greater sense of speed and transparency.” Read more – Steve McCormack, Designer, SMc Audio



“… offer magnificent flow and a natural ease… slightly better in almost every way – timing, resolution, and certainly tonal realism.”Read the complete review “Odds & Ends” by Frederic Beudot on 6moons.com



"Your wire was more faithful to the timbre of voices and instruments, and hands down better despite your high price. I just had to keep the wire. Some other companies wire are aesthetically produced to appear more impressive. I made the decision to keep based on sonics." – Herb Walcoe, Owner of Genesis 500 loudspeakers



“This cable was better than my last two component upgrades – and I include both power amplifier as well as source components.” – H.L., Owner of Genesis 1.1



“More than a component upgrade, it upgraded all my components! I was astonished at what a dramatic improvement the High Current Loudspeaker Interface made to my Wilson Max 2’s driven by the ASR Emitter II Exclusive amplifier.” – Joe Pitman, President, Kosmic



“They clearly elevated my system to a level normally associated with expensive electronic component upgrades and room acoustic treatments. These loudspeaker interface cables really capture the ebb and flow of music. No matter what your favorite loudspeaker cables are, I encourage you to try them in your system. You won’t be disappointed except when you remove them from your system. These are truly reference grade cables!!” Dan Ellis, DLE Design



“Wow!! These Absolute Fidelity Interfaces not only offer an open window into the music, but also brings you right into the performance. You cannot detect the cables!” – Teck5 on Audiogon



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